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Nursery and Preschools

Chiswick Nursery & Pre-school Academy

4 Marlborough Rd, Chiswick, London W4 4ET, UK – 020 8742 0011

My son loves Chiswick Nursery! He receives excellent care here and the facilities are top notch.

Kew Day Nursery & Pre-School

Mortlake Road, Kew, Richmond TW9 4ES, UK – 0333 920 3941

Great nursery.

Fulham Pre-school & Day Nursery

16 Lettice St, Fulham, London SW6 4EH, UK – 0333 920 3941

Lovely staff. My daughter loves it there.

Kind staff

Primary and Secondary Schools

Sacred Heart High School

212 Hammersmith Rd, London W6 7DG, UK – 020 8748 7600

I go to this school and it’s amazing .Sending your daughter here would benefit her education and behaviour.The school rules keep us in place and you would enjoy the experience.It has been rated outstanding by Ofsted.The catholic faith we learn is very good and the school helps us develop into independent young women.Its one of the best schools for girls in London

Schools a lovely old building not one of those plastic new ones ,teachers are strict yet lovely new science block is great although I'm a bit worried that it is near a main road ,school uniforms nice.

Fulham Cross Girls' School

Munster Rd, Fulham, London SW6 6BP, UK – 020 7381 0861

Great school, teachers are supportive and understanding! Made life long friends and came out with great grades due to the encouragement given from my teachers as they made sure we attended study sessions and weekend revision lessons! They provided us with the skills needed to attend college/sixth form! I will never forget the experience I had in Fulham cross! Shout out to Miss Hosp and Miss Jutton for all the help they gave me!!!

i was on my way to jewish scool in texas and i saw a pigeon that was orange wallahi on the holy bible i did. im just a ordinary buddihst who is trying to become apart of the anti-christ community. poseidon to the worlddddd.

Belmont Primary School

1 Belmont Rd, Chiswick, London W4 5UL, UK – 020 8994 7677

Place was amazing, then I left... Had great memories and the teachers were great.

Public & Preparatory Schools

St James Junior School

Earsby St, London W14 8SH, UK – 020 7348 1777

Both my son and my daughter have been very happy there. I am aware of a small number of problems in the 1970's but that is a very long time ago !

My son is attending St James and he is enjoying to go to school. It is very welcoming school. Small classes, well behaved children, but still with freedom to be children. Teachers are skilled and supportive. Children are engaged to participate to school's activities from very beginning. By the end of the first semester your boy or girl will happily recite Shakespear's poems and sing on Latin and Sanskrit (completely willingly with smile and happiness). Parents are friendly. Competitive credo is swapped for learning and understanding. As a parent of child who is attending St James I can't say nothing but best for this school so far. He was shy boy and now he is growing into an confident, kind, very well educated and behaved young man. Regarding things from the past, I don't know how someone can judge the school nowadays on its past... (new milenium schools and parents are different and generally schools in the past weren't some pleasant places)

Ibstock Place School

Clarence Lane, London, Roehampton SW15 5PY, UK – 020 8876 9991

Came as a visitor. Head of School, teachers and staff all extremely professional, friendly and helpful. Lovely facilities and grounds. Children enthusiastic and polite. Fantastic school, very impressed.

Amazing school. PROS: Aesthetically beautiful, fantastic staff and brilliant pupils and friends. The teachers will devote their time to assisting you as a pupil and will always try to help if you ask. I have not once witnessed bullying and their is a strong sense of social responsibility amongst the pupils. School is school and everyone would say they'd rather not be there, but for a school, Ibstock life is enjoyable. Overall, the pupils and the commitment of the staff are the best features. I have had a great time. CONS: Headmistress is an awful woman. She neglects the pupils and after being at the senior school for all 7 years, I still don't know where her office is, showing that she is not the kind of Headmistress that you can speak to if you have a problem. On top of that, she is rude and full of herself. She is a businesswoman, not a head teacher. My only other complaint is that Ibstock is a bit eccentric at times and some of the rules are ridiculous, for example, if your phone goes off, you have to attend detention for 3 hours (or maybe 4) on a Saturday morning; facial hair is banned and when the heating wasn't on in the dead of winter one year, wearing a coat inside was an offence punishable by having to visit the deputy head. But this is a minor complaints.

The Independent School

23-31 Beavor Ln, Hammersmith, London W6 9AR, UK – 020 3637 7574

i'm sad to see this place go, but happy to see it merge.