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Royal Hospital For Neuro-disability

West Hill, London SW15 3SW, UK – 020 8780 4500

My very first time here beautiful garden just like in the war or late 1880's period

My partner was well cared for

Barnes Hospital

South Worple Way, London, Barnes SW14 8SU, UK – 020 3513 3663

Helpful and friendly staff there. A spacious place and one could feel warmly received.

Kensington Park Medical Centre

75 Russell Rd, Kensington, London W14 8HW, UK – 020 7371 6060

I have never had a problem to get an appointment in this medical centre. I find receptionists very polite and understanding. Depends on the doctor but sometimes my appointments a little rushed, but no complains there - after all it’s a free medical healthcare.

I've only been to this medical centre a handful of times since registering 4 years ago and each time I've been, I've found the admin and medical staff to be helpful and attentive. I've never had to wait longer than 5 or 10 minutes if at all so I'm very satisfied with their services.

Local hospitals - community hospitals and hospitals with A&E departments for SW13.

The new NHS website below is very well worth a look. Hospitals are not only listed but evaluated. I certainly know which ones I would go to! At the very least you will know what questions to ask if you are sent to one which has not entered its data. Good luck!
Find the local Health Trust for SW13